Montag, 22. August 2011

Please Help the animals

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I just came back from Santa Eulalia to Austria.

Saturday morning I passed by the Carer Sant Joan 22, “Pajareria” Pet Shop. It was a shock for me and my family to see in what conditions the animals are held in glass boxes! A young, friendly dog. Trying to get out desperately. No water inside. From Saturday afternoon until MONDAY without anyone getting him out or feeding him! We’ve been there 4 times. Always in front of closed doors. The poor animals in the dark room behind. Whimpered, barking, and trying to make him seen by us, standing in front of the closed door…We asked the neighbours if anyone comes in weekends to take them out of the box and feed them- They told us that they never come before Monday. That this is a sad but “normal” way in Spain! This is irresponsible! Animals can not be held like that! It’s a Scandal and a shame! How can Ibiza give this Shop a approbation witch is even shown on the doors… and signs with “held with heart”- what a lie! What a shame! Spain in part of the EU and you are obligated to follow rules. There are rules for adequate animals housing! You can not let them in small GLAS Boxes! Or put 5 rabbits in a cage!!!

You can alter or control an animal's environment; animal welfare means that people have duties and responsibilities towards animals!!! The greater the level of interference with, or control of, an animal's environment, the greater our responsibilities! Especially in Pet Shops! Just trying to make money with those poor creatures and housing them like peace of nothing! YOU, as the government, MUST interfere!!! I will also contact the government of Ibiza, Madrid and EU commission to make those conditions and make pet shops follow the rules! Animal housing areas, whether for single or group housing, must provide enough space for each animal to feed, sleep, sit, stand, lie with limbs extended, stretch and move about, and sufficient additional space for bedding as required!! Cats may be housed either in banks of cages in walk-in modules that include a sleeping compartment and an exercise area. And it can not be a GLAS Box!!! No wonder they get all sick and mad! It’s a shame! As we have an apartment in Santa Eulalia, I will soon come back and will have a look at the conditions. I appeal to your sense of justice and right- a right that also must be accorded to our animals, without any voice…there MUST be an animal welfare code!

Thank you for your help!

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